Talib Talib Talib

The Big Show. Here it be, friday night. Get ready. Get psyched. The wonderful folks at SEC have a big ol' treat for us. 

After much deliberation - and probably a lot of Pope's - the members of SEC picked Talib Kweli to headline the big show. It's been a long wait, but we're almost there - it's tomorrow!

Speaking from personal experience, Kewli puts on a really fun live show. Francis and the Lights open (haven't seen them, but check out their website: http://francisandthelights.com).

The Details: 8:00pm- SEC Presents: Talib Kweli w/ Francis and the Lights @ Gym. Tickets $5.

This will be a party even if it ain't no disco. 

Be there!!!


Geology ROCKS!

Tomorrow from 3-6, the Geology club hosts a few of Skidmore's own on the case green. Come celebrate the joys of our dynamic earth and it's igneous workings.

Also: if you're interested in geology, but simply don't have time to take a geoscience class, read John McPhee's Assembling California - it rocks. Or take a geology class. What do you want me to say, I'm not your advisor. 


Peace of the Bands Reviewed

Last night was a blast. 6 Skidmore bands played at Falstaff's. I was lucky enough to start off the night to a small crowd, and as I warmed up more people showed. I had a great time- it was a great vibe. 
After me we had Spillway, Doug B's 2-piece Built-to-Spill-ish band, rocking out on some rootsy and raw guitar and drums. 
After that we had The Deal, a Jammy and warm group featuring Anthony on drums and several other friends- they definitely looked like they were having a blast and had a bomb stage presence. 
Following the Deal were Sniper Dad (formerly known as Pistol Shrimp) featuring Garrett, Nate, Andrew, Casey, and Matt. They put on a very tight show, with hints of deerhunter, my bloody valentine, animal collective and smashing pumpkins, there was definitely some awesome riffage. 
Second to last were Watson, the just-accessible-enough hardcore Trio featuring Cole on bass, Alex on Guitar, and Devin on drums. Their dynamic is very interesting- the guitar stays nicely distorted, more of a blues distortion than anything else, while the bass stays trebly and rash-inducing as is only right with some driving hits on the kit. 
The show was rounded off by Dunny & The Bros, a blues, 70's rock inspired four piece featuring Matt A on ranty  vox and harmonica. They once again got everyone boppin' and hoppin'. 
Overall a great night...


Lively Lucy's Friday Night Premiere

Although Lively Lucy's has long established itself as a supplier of Thursday night entertainment, on April 10 they will be gracing Skidmore campus with a Friday evening concert.

The lineup includes:
-Skidmore's pride and joy: Mutual Friends
-Two bands based in Burlington, VT: Missy Bly (http://www.myspace.com/missybly) and The Jazz Guys (http://www.myspace.com/thejazzguys)
-New Neighbors (formerly known as IY) featuring Skidmore's own Nate Terepka (http://www.myspace.com/newneighbors)

Music (and undeniable fun) can be found at Falstaff's starting at 8:30pm.
As per usual, this is an alcohol-free event, so bring your soda-pop and harness a sugar-high instead!

See you on the field.


Desperately Seeking Fun Day

hi friends,

sec is soliciting fun day performers.
basically, you have to be awesome, and you have to be comfortable enough to play between disco wedding bands, and you have to be (relatively) sober.

email acrystal@skidmore.edu with the deets.

No Age/Parts & Labor Break Falstaff's

No Age and Parts & Labor played in Falstaff's last Friday in a double-billed mosh fest brought to you by your good friends in SEC and WSPN.

No Age played the majority of their smash success, "Nouns," which features a lo-fi, heavy-hitting punk aesthetic that created an epic mosh pit of 10 people, most of whom were drenched in sweat and chainsmoking afterwards from the excitement.

Parts & Labor opened with a considerably more subdued set, but ended with a bang on "Fractured Skies," after a loyal fan delightfully requested it.  Boys drooled over the guitarist (her name is Sarah, by the way), and Alex Citrin took a lot of photos of people looking pensive.

Basically, it was epic.  If you weren't there -- fail. Until next time...

Peace of the Bands

Last semester, we had a little Battle o' Bands.

We'll, were entering the Pax Musica, as WSPN's throwing a little shindig tomorrow night. Five bands showcasing their love of music and camaraderie. Just a good old time the way the kids do. 

Come to see Spillway, Watson, Young Heel, Dunny & the Bros, The Deal, and some band called Sniper Dad... borderline offensive. 


Falstaff's, Thursday April 10; Music @ 8:30!


Where's The Beef?

Hey Skidmarks.
This site developed out of a reoccurring conversation between my friend, Casey and myself, Clay. Everyone has their upperclassmen compatriots who wax nostalgically about how last year's music was better than this year's, or how the year before that had so many more bands- not only a house party, but a community. It seems that over time this community of creativity has lost its mojo. It, well, doesn't exist. We think this is bad. This site is totally independent of Skidmore as a business but is inextricably linked to the Skidmore student body and community. We want to develop an inclusive, all-encompassing, and vibrant music scene here at Skidmore. We want to support student bands, promote student involvement, and support the scene.